John a. Markulin, M.Eng., P.Eng., Struct.Eng., p.E., S.E.

John Markulin is responsible for delivering innovative structural engineering solutions for the firms’ most notable projects. John brings over 27 years of consulting structural engineering design experience, including tall towers, mixed-use commercial and residential projects, light industrial warehouses, and institutional/public facilities such as ice rinks, sports facilities, social housing and extended health care facilities, hotels, and office buildings and LEED-certified projects utilizing a wide variety of structural materials. John continues to remain involved during all phases of his projects, from the preliminary design consultations phase and throughout all phases to the completion of construction and occupancy.

Prior to joining the BMZ team in 1998, John worked with Weiler Smith Bowers, a Vancouver-based structure engineering company.

John’s emphasis on producing cost effective designs that meet stringent architectural and economic constraints has helped make many projects successful. 

John is a licensed structural engineer in British Columbia, Alberta, California, Washington, Texas, and Arizona.


John G. Zickmantel, M.Eng., P.Eng., Struct.Eng., P.E., S.E. 

John Zickmantel has been involved in the industry for over 27 years and is responsible for many of the firm’s projects. John will run the entire job, from the preliminary/conceptual stage, all the way through to the completion of construction. He will scheme the entire structural system of all his projects, including the seismic force resisting system. John has numerous junior and senior engineers who work on his projects and he closely supervises all their work, with close attention being paid to any seismic design being done by others. He also does as much structural design himself as time will permit. John will typically design the most critical and complicated structural elements himself, that require the expertise of an experience structural engineer. Typically, this would entail the seismic design, the column load take-down and design, transfer slabs, or raft slabs in locations where soil conditions require their use. However, one of the most critical aspects of his work is to ensure that the ongoing coordination with the Architect and other consultants does not compromise the integrity of the original structural scheme.

Prior to joining the BMZ team in 1998, John worked with Read Jones Christofferson. 

John’s experience covers a range of project types and materials. He is particularly valued at BMZ for his ability to meet the demands of the firm’s developer clients for cost-effective design and accelerated schedules. 

John is a licensed structural engineer in British Columbia, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Washington.